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"Мин белгән аулақ өй" _ "Min belgän aulaq öy"

The 'awlaq öy" folk gathering is an evening event or it may be called a party when invited people of certain age circle (either unmarried young ones and teens or middle aged people, or old, etc) come to a house chosen in advance, usually when no parents are at home (if it's young people under 20, for instance). Girls bring their embroidery, or knitting stuff, they also may cook something. The party begins with songs, dances, riddles, games. Young men challenge girls to dance with them,  make up songs, rhymes, etc

The party may abruptly shut down when the host parents are noticed to be returning. Often such gatherings are inofficial and parents are not aware of them.

Another variant - when all who came to "awlaq öy" spend the night sleeping on the floor (in their clothes, of course) and at dawn return to their homes. They slept on the floor as mostly village people were poor  and they didn't have beds enough for 10-15 people.

Even nowadays it's normal to sleep on the floor, if a house is small and the number of guests is more than  that of beds.

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ер тәлинкә аш" _ "Ber tälinkä aş" _ "A plate of soup"

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"Қурайчы" _ "Qurayçı"  "The quray player"

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('quray' is a long open endblown flute with five fingerholes)


Яшь фермерлар" _ "Yäş fermerlar"  _ "Young farmers"

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"Йорт салулары" _ "Yort saluları" _ "How we used to build houses in the village"" / қысқартылған_ qısqartılğan_abridged / 

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