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© 2015 by Tatar Diñgeze.

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 Even if my Dad is no longer with us,

I try to make every page of the site as if he was judging it.


  I devote this site

to your memory, Dad 


You've been molding me

since my e.



       Thank you, Dad,


   You've been killing me with your daily corrections

of my mistakes

in four languages - 

    I pretty well remember most of them and now am killing other students...


  Thank you for that  


      I remember your fairy tales, Dad,

you've been telling me every night, 

each time making up a new episode

from a series with the main character

so taking after me -

only I knew that secret

and that's why your stories were so precious...



      I'm making this site sharing your love you've  given to me...

I remember how you loved me.


With that love you've passed me love and respect to our native language and culture...





Thank you for all that you're still giving to me

from my memories...


       I love you, Dad.

        Min yaratam sine, Ätiem      



Baş bit - Audiokitaplar

I'd like to thank my Friends -

for encouraging me,

for believing in me,

for criticizing me,

for inspiration...  




       I love you for everything




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